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For a stylish windows, you should opt for more than just plain curtains hanging over your window or plain drapes that are simply functional. You can create stylish window statements by simply combining two types of window treatments and these are valances and curtains. How you create your own lovely decorative window with the use of these two types of window treatments can be easily done a few ways and here are some examples you might want to consider:

– Mix Plains with Prints – you can create a lovely window statement by mixing either a printed curtain with plain valances or plain curtains with printed valances. You may want to consider choosing a printed fabric that is in a similar color as the curtain or one that comes in a darker shade that does not clash with the other fabric.

РMix different textures Рyou can use different fabric textures to help create a lovely curtain and valance combination. Consider using solid fabrics with delicate ones like lace valances with silk curtains or satin valances with lace curtains. You can also choose blinds and curtains to mix rougher fabrics and heavy fabrics with lighter ones. Jacquard curtains may look good paired with silk taffeta valances or chenille curtains with silk valances.

– Go with varying shades of the same color – one of the things some people try to do with their window treatments is to layer different shades of the same color to create a unique look for their window. They often use varying shades of the same fabric to create a lovely layered window treatment and they sometimes go with a darker base and lighter valances or vice versa to get the effect they want for their windows.

– Mix different prints – this may be a bit more difficult to do and some people may find these somewhat wacky but there are some combinations of valances and curtains in different prints that actually mesh well when you put them together in a window treatment. For example, some people mix a patterned curtain that has designs of baby toys on them with an alphabet printed valance. Some people also try to pair a striped curtain with a polka dotted valance or a checked one. These can sometimes work and may give you a uniquely attractive window treatment.

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