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For dads who are novices at caring for babies, massage is a hands-on course in baby handling. Also, it’s important for baby to get used to dad’s touch as well as mom’s. Babies thrive on different strokes.

Special touches for special babies.
Handicapped infants — and their parents — particularly benefit from infant massage. Studies show that massage helps motor-impaired infants better communicate their needs to the parents — a process called social cueing. Massage puts you in touch with you infant’s body signals.

Learning the Right Touch

Massage is a touch you do with your baby, not 오피 순위 to your baby. It’s an interaction, not a task. You learn which strokes your baby enjoys and an, as if dancing, go with the flow of your baby’s body language. While it is nearly impossible to rub your baby the wrong way, there’s how to learn the right touch for your baby.

Get Ready

Choose a warm, quiet, draft-free place. Do this ritual wherever you and baby are comfortable: on the floor, a padded table, grass, beach, or bed. Put on soothing music. Infant-massage instructors are a good reference source for music to massage by.

Choose a time when you are not in a hurry, not likely to be interrupted, and baby is most in need of relaxing. Some parents like to start the day off with a morning massage. Some prefer a before-nap massage. Babies with evening colic are best massaged toward late afternoon or early evening before the “happy hour” of colic begins. Sometimes a late-afternoon massage can prompt the colicky infant to forget his evening blast.

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